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MetroidVania style game.


Nimbus_Final_Build.rar 67 MB


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I was struck by the main character's animations; every pose and movement seems to resonate with her unwavering personality, and together with this beautiful composition at the forest levels, I'm kinda getting these Ghibli vibes.

One of the main issues I had was the buttons programming; when I open the executable, I was first prompted a window that allows me to adjust my controls, but I had to play the character a couple of times to understand how the key bindings work because the action names were quite vague.

While I acknowledge that this is a student project, what I find lacking is a more developed story that would flesh out her character arc.

I also wonder if her inability to grab onto ledges was a design decision to push players into making more precise jumps and downward attacks.

I'd be happy to hear how the game showcase turned out for the people who made this game, and I congratulate them making a game with exceptional hand-drawn animations.